Thursday, August 9, 2012
A Sikh Temple's Century

I'm a day late in posting this, due to the prolonged madness of daily life. But yesterday I had a new drawing in the NYT Op-Ed section. It was a super-fast turnaround, a few hours to do sketches and then another couple of hours to whip up the final. I love this kind of job - have to drop all plans for the day and entirely focus on the article and the drawing. It's rad.

This one was for an article about a Sikh-American woman's memories of her community and her temple, in the aftermath of the appalling Wisconsin murders. You can read the article here. I recommend it.

sikh memories, for the NYT

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Press! Press!

Woah, dudes. Datter Industries has had suddenly had some actual press in the last couple weeks. So exciting to see. Check it! First up, my jewellery was written about in Dutch Glamour magazine. A sweet customer in the Netherlands, Lotte, scanned this for me.

datter in Dutch Glamour magazine

I'm also here on the Lucky Magazine website, with the nicest lil' write-up from megababe Meredith Bogonovich. Aaand I believe my jewellery is in this month's LINDA magazine, also a Dutch mag, though I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy or a scan of that yet. Still, radness! Thanks Holland, and thanks Lucky!


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