Saturday, September 22, 2012
Green & Grey


Drawing identical twins for a commission, they reminded me of a hairbrush I painted a while back - they're wearing the same outfit as the hairbrush girl. I guess I like painting this green & grey checked fabric.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

portrait of Tuesday

Oh lawd, it's been a long time. Life's been complicated. I'm getting back on track now, fingers crossed.

This is a drawing I did a little while back for the excellent ladies at Got A Girl Crush Magazine. It's a portrait of my pal Tuesday - we interviewed and illustrated each other. So if you pick up the magazine (which you should do) you'll be treated to quite a long (and fascinating, obv) interview with me. My name is even on the front cover of the magazine, yo!

An extract, in case you just can't wait. I was asked to write a haiku that defined my work. Here it is, tellin' you stuff you already know:

Angry young woman
Making drawings mainly of
Angry young women


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