Wednesday, May 7, 2014

making jewellery
Hello friends. I'm moving back to Brooklyn tomorrow. It may be short term, it may be long term, I'm gonna play it by ear. But the one thing I know for sure about it is: Datter needs an assistant. I'm moving the business over and hoping to grow it from NYC.

I think the job will be around 15 hours a week, ideally spread over two or three days. Much the same as when I posted looking for help in London last year, so the ad that follows may be familiar. The job will be working on various different things - part of it would be working on fulfilling and packaging orders, collecting items from casters and jewellery suppliers, managing some administrative aspects, and help with making and finishing the jewellery itself.

I think & hope this would be pretty useful experience for anybody interested either in making jewellery, or in running a small craft-based business. It'll be quite hands-on and you'll see and help with every aspect of the business, so I hope it'll be valuable, as well as, y'know, a paycheck.

So I need somebody organised and quick to learn - experience making jewellery is a plus but not essential. You probably do need to be fairly crafty and good with your hands, though! And you'd need to be computer and web-savvy, and if you have any other particular skills (photography, writing, etc) I'm sure we can make 'em count. Payment is going to be somewhat dependant on experience, but there'll be none of that unpaid internship nonsense.

Starting ASAP! Please spread the word. Email to apply.

Oh and, UK pals, don't worry - my lovely friend Hannah is going to keep on handling UK & EU Datter orders from London, so you don't have to start waiting ages for postage and paying customs fees etc.

making jewellery


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