Thursday, January 10, 2013
More heads

row of new heads
black line head front 2
More heads out of the kiln! Better results this time. No melted faces. Some are candle holders and some are little bowls. Hooray.

Sunday, January 6, 2013
Ceramic cats

ceramic cat buds ceramic sitting cat sides ceramic cat buds ceramic cat front and back
Got a bunch more pieces back from my ceramics adventures. These two cats are being good desk companions for me at the moment. They're quite big (for me) - the tall one is perhaps 6 inches high. I guess that's not really tall. Well. They're bigger than the last cat I made, which was about an inch and a half.
As always, the process is fascinating and a mystery. Both painted with exactly the same materials at exactly the same time, but one has a much softer, bled-out line than the other. Love this stuff.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

tenement painting  in situ
A birthday gift for Lion, in case he finds himself missing the buildings of Alphabet City. Now on display next to our wooden half-a-brain. It's hard to get any sense of scale from these photos I realise, but that's a realistically sized brain, so the building is about 18" x 6", painted on wood. It's funny working with acrylics on a non-absorbent surface after so much time mucking about with inks and wet paper and so on. I like the way the paint resists being applied. You get all these stops and starts in the line. Or I do at least.
tenement painting

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