Sunday, June 6, 2010
Topman fame

Last summer I did an internship with Topman design, and they've just released a tshirt using drawings I did for them (they've collaged the drawings together, that's not my design). The best bit is they've put googly eyes on the skull I drew. I'm not sure I've ever found anything more hilarious. It's got such a happy little face now. Check it:

He is having the time of his flippin' life. If you want him to be having the time of his life on your chest, you can buy the tshirt here. I don't get any money from it though so don't buy it as a favour to me. Buy it out of love for the skull.


  1. £16 pounds? That scoop neck is cutting fabric costs in half already, what a rip

    I'm going to have to burn most of a twenty on this damn thing and I don't even have the chest hair for it

  2. hahahahahahahahahaha blogvad i just got that

  3. wait for it to go on sale. £1.99. I'll sew up the v-neck for you.



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