Sunday, January 6, 2013
Ceramic cats

ceramic cat buds ceramic sitting cat sides ceramic cat buds ceramic cat front and back
Got a bunch more pieces back from my ceramics adventures. These two cats are being good desk companions for me at the moment. They're quite big (for me) - the tall one is perhaps 6 inches high. I guess that's not really tall. Well. They're bigger than the last cat I made, which was about an inch and a half.
As always, the process is fascinating and a mystery. Both painted with exactly the same materials at exactly the same time, but one has a much softer, bled-out line than the other. Love this stuff.


  1. i saw these over on flickr, they are raaad. i had no idea they were so big. six inches - you get real cats smaller than that. i believe they're called kittens.

  2. They are gorgeous! Will you ever sell them or make any for sale?

  3. jen - turns out i lied. the taller one is only 5 inches tall. i dont think you get real cats their size, even the type known as kittens.

    ashley - yes! im just working on a little more stock and then they'll be going in an online shop. soon!



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