Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Makin' metal

I've been meaning to photograph the waxes that get turned into jewellery for a while now. Finally remembered to do it. Here is a fox stole in original carved wax form:

the original wax for the fox necklace

And here it is in final brass form. Also, you can get pretty well acquainted with my chest, neck, and bra straps here. Sorry about that.

fox necklace finished

fox necklace

I also made a ring of skulls that I haven't stopped wearing since I got it cast. It reminds me of a misspent youth in Camden town. You might need to click to view it a little bigger, their faces are pretty teeny.

wearing the skull ring


  1. Lovely jewellery! I thought of making a cat theme bracelet for a friend in metal which is more lasting. Would you care to share with me how you turn them into brass form using wax? Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I take my waxes to a casting place and they make it in metal - the place I go to doesn't serve the general public but I think there are places that do, if you do a bit of googling!

  3. I see, it would be nice if it can be DIY. :D Anyway thanks for the tip!

  4. I know! You can do it yourself but need a lot of equipment/ the ability to melt metal. Have you looked at precious metal clay? It's a soft clay you can mould that you fire in the oven and it becomes solid metal.



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