Monday, June 20, 2011
Sneaky sneak

A sneak behind the scenes of a shoot I made life-size cutouts for. Hands down the greatest, most fun job I've ever had. Can't wait for the final photos to come out.



assisted by child model
Myself and lovely child model employing gaffer tape.

setting up props
Prop stylist extraordinaire Kendra Smoot fixing things up.


  1. this looks amazing what a cool project!

  2. thank you so much! Sadly I gave Mr. Tiger away (much as I would've liked to have a house full of life sized big cats, NYC apartments dont really allow it) but I did keep the two big lions. No idea where to put them. Ha.

  3. This is so unbelievably cool! If I were you, although obviously if I was I'd have been too lazy to make them, write a short monologue-play thing where the actor uses the cat cut-outs as props - like, talks to them or something(:

  4. wow these look really amazing and lots of fun! i look forward to seeing the final photos too.



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