Sunday, November 25, 2012
Ceramic heads / processes

I've been having weekly sessions in a ceramics studio the past few months, getting to grips with what I want to make and the best ways to do it. I had just figured this stuff out at the studio I went to in Brooklyn, and then I went and moved to London and every studio has totally different glazes as materials that all interact differently... so it was back to square one! Most of the glazes they have are wonderful textural, dynamic colours which are totally unpredictable every time, and not great for adding illustrative detail. So I've been working on combinations to try to get the little bits of detail i want (but I'd never want anything tooo clean now, would I).

Here's the results of some of this experimentation - a whole group of candle holder heads. You may remember the first one I made in NYC from this post. She's the one on the far right in these group shots.

ceramic heads/working out processes
ceramic heads/ working out processes

Second from the right is creepin' me out allll daaaay evvvverryyy daaay.
And the second and third from the left have their faces painted with the exact same thing - but the white glaze underneath is different. It changes the result so much! Something to do with their chemical makeups. I like playing with this stuff. And oh yeah, how great is that turquoise that's inside some of their heads? I love that colour.

Ok, so now I've figured these out a little better, I can start making something that actually looks how I planned. Hopefully. Ace.


  1. Love them Kaye. And perfect as candle holders with that fabulous smudgy/fading/dripping aesthetic!

  2. I want them all. Make sure to message me when they go in the shop please!



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