Friday, November 23, 2012
Comics Sketchbooks

Well this is exciting. A couple weeks ago I got a very nice parcel in the mail, containing this book. That would be good enough, but the best bit about it is: I'm frickin in the book. The legendary Steve Heller asked me to send him some sketchbook scans and final pieces for this project a couple years ago, and I'm amazed and happy to see that they made it into the book. Look at this!

comics sketchbooks
comics sketchbooks contents page
Uh, yeah, that's my name in the contents page in some pretty intense company - Charles Burns?! Robert Crumb?! Ben Katchor?! Not to mention my ol' man. So rad.

comics sketchbook 2
And that's one of my two spreads.

I cannot express how flattering and great it feels to be in this most excellent book. Time to knuckle down and make all those comics I keep meaning to make. Huge thanks to Steve Heller.



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