Friday, March 29, 2013
Maize maze

Since Spring is nearly here, it's time for a post about Autumn. Back in October, I was in NYC, and some friends and I drove upstate to a farm for FALL MADNESS. It was as it promised: mad. I fired a corn cannon, a pumpkin slingshot, watched a pig race, and saw kids playing in a giant shed filled with 3 feet of dried corn kernels. Apple cider and ornamental gourds were also involved. It was all deeply American (except for the pig race, which I've seen in the UK too), not least the landscape. Look at this place. These are photos from the Maize Maze and the Pumpkin Patch. Alliteration is a big deal in fall.

Strange seeing these after 5 months of grim, grey UK days. I can't believe I've ever seen skies this blue.

blue sky hay ride
maize maze
pumpkin patch

I thought I might've just posted the arty shots above but no, fuck it, if you're anything like me you also wanna see the pig race and the bizarre gourd pile and the angel deer straight from a heaven whose nose I touched and it was soft. See below.

pig race
angelic deer


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