Friday, June 21, 2013
New Datter collection, new lookbook, new website

Datter Industries new collection
Datter Industries lookbook
Datter Industries lookbook

News! Actual news!
I've been working flat out on all this for a while, but now it's finally done: my jewellery now has a new collection, a new lookbook, and a new website to put it all on. Praise the lord! Go have a gander if you feel so inclined - it's all now on the mega-official

And one other thing - Datter now has it's own blog, over on the famous tumblr. So while I'll occasionally post big jewellery related news here, all the little bits of process, snapshots, etc will now be here. Join me. You'll get amazing content like this photo of me making jewellery:

me making jewellery, believe


  1. wonderful collection and wonderful webpage! Congrats!!!

  2. Are you closing your etsy shop?

  3. No it'll be open again soon! Just taking a while to update all the photographs and add new pieces to match the new webstore.

  4. wow, fantastic and beautiful're brilliant!

  5. Glad to here about your new website! I checked it out and found lots of your stuff interestingly wonderful. I like the idea that you made it as simple as possible. The focus will be on your products. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyway, keep it that way and fill it up with your unique collections.

    -HFI Web Design



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