Monday, June 17, 2013
Roquebrune Views

Oh yeah, there's more. Way more. Here's some of the mind blowing views we were pouring our eyes on from way up in the cliffside village*. And just some of the greenery. God, the greenery. Screw you, England! Time to step up if you wanna stay in the game.

roquebrune view
roquebrune view
roquebrune view
roquebrune path
france triomphe

*in the distance of the first shot, you'll see the bay and skyscrapers of Monte Carlo, the crotch of Europe. We got the wrong bus one day and ended up there. In the name of all that is tasteful and holy, never go there.


  1. loving these pictures, post moooore so i can pretend i'm there. didn't realise you were so close to monte carlo. walking through the harbour there made me a feel a bit ill.



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